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Designing a Mobile Navigation with Popup Widget & More... JavaScript


Hi. Here are the list of things, I need help with? If interested in working on this project, I will send you a screenshot and more information.

In Big Screen Tablets, (Ipad, kindle Fire 8.9)
1)The nav should be the original desktop nav, not a mobile nav.

In small Tablets (kindle 7 & Fire)
Cart widget buttons too far apart in small tablets.
The Nav looks unevenly distributed in small tablets (kindle 7 & Fire)

In All Media
The Shopping Cart link should be changed to Shopping Bag.
In All Media Cart Widget Buttons colors should be grey and only red when active.

Answers (1)


Christianto answers:

Hi Ferial,

Thanks for posting this,
working on your site now..

ferial comments:

Thank you.