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If I want to upload images with Javascript? JavaScript

Assume I have a form and I want people to be able to upload images, but I don't want the page to reload? I notice they do this in software like 37 Signals Campfire. Is there a way to do this with Javascript? Or should I use iframes?

Answers (4)


Martin Pham answers:

you can using flash and javascript for direct or remote upload :)
[[LINK href=""]]phim[[/LINK]]


Jarret Minkler answers:

Something like ..

Will do flash, and iframe for older browsers


Arnav Joy answers:

see this url


Rainner Lins answers:

It's possible to make this by having Javascript communicate with a small imbedded flash swf on the page, but it can also be done with HTML5.

Have a look at this demo:

It uses a Jquery plugin called "jquery-filedrop":

Which users Mozilla's FileReader Object:

Lots of options, just depends on what you need to do.