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Pop up domination not working JavaScript


Hi Guys

My first question on this site :)

I have installed PUD on this site and it wont pop up. I've had someone who know more about js than me to take a look at they could not see what the issue could be.

this is a video explaining the issue.

Would anyone like to help me get to the bottom of this please?

Many thanks

Answers (1)


dbranes answers:

Hi Steve

There is a javascript warning on your site:

<blockquote>The plugin has found no PopUp for this page. If this page should have one, check your setup as verification has failed.

Just some ideas:

- Under "Display Settings", have you selected where the popup should show up?
- Is the Campaign turned on?
- There are javascript errors on the site


Steve Watson comments:

Hi Dbranes

Yes I've double checked all the basics but I am a bit lost when it comes to javascript errors. Is this something you can help with?

1. display settings, set to display on all pages
2. the campaign is turned on
3. not sure how to fix these


dbranes comments:

Have you tried to display it "everywhere" just to check if it makes any difference?

ps: I don't think part 3 is the problem at the moment, since there is no popup-code on the site.

dbranes comments:

Ahh, sorry for asking you about the part 1. again, I misread it ;-)

Is the plugin code encrypted?

ps: something unrelated: you should disable directory listings in your .htaccess with

Options -Indexes

(If you visit the /wp-content/ directory in your browser you see what I mean)

Steve Watson comments:

Thanks dbranes

I dont think the code is encrypted. Would you be willing to log in and take a look. We could agree on a price for your help maybe.

What do you think?

Steve Watson comments:

Hello again Dbranes

I have discovered the issue.

I sent a ticket to support and in their automated email they had a checklist of possible issues

this one was the issue... :)

If you are having issues with your PopUp not displaying, please first check that the "campaign toggle" switch is properly activated as per this image:


dbranes comments:

ok, I will send you PM