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Supersized Slideshow with an Iframe? JavaScript


This is a follow up to Christianto's answer on how to add YOUTUBE and VIMEO functionality to Supersized Slideshow. Is it possible to display non-local webpages in the slideshow by either using AJAX or an iframe?

This would be a great solution for displaying a portfolio of different webpages.

Answers (1)


Christianto answers:

Hi Noahsvan,

Please check this

you can add type "URL" to slides object:
slides : [ // Slideshow Images
{type:'URL', url :''},
{type:'URL', url :''},
{type:'YOUTUBE', video_id : "zjCiP16wSGI", title : 'Fun Video !', thumb : ''},
{type:'IMAGE', image : '', title : 'Image Credit: Maria Kazvan', thumb : '', url : ''},

Noahsvan comments:

I'll test this out today and let you know, thanks!

Noahsvan comments:

I've be trying to get this to work.
Functional but still buggy. Sometimes, especially when using the keyboard for navigation, the youtube video overrides the other pages. It will load on when the page should be on the 2nd webpage. Any ideas?