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WP Pretty Photo: Need help pulling only selected images JavaScript

I am using WP PrettyPhoto within the Istudio Wordpress theme in Wordpress. I am unable to find the correct script to allow me to only select specific images per pop up lightbox. Basically, I have a page with multiple projects posted, I want a custom pop up lightbox per post/project that only shows the images that pertain to that particular post or project.

[col_13]<h4><a href="">West End Residence</a></h4>

[col_13]<h4><a href="">West End Residence</a></h4>

<a rel="prettyPhoto[West End Residence]" title="West End Residence" href=""> <img class="imgportfolio imgbox" src=";h=148&amp;w=300&amp;zc=1" alt="West End Residence" /></a>

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