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Which Javascript libraries have what market share? JavaScript


I am helping an organization revamp its corporate websites. They had a scattered style of development during the late 90s and early part of the 2000s. Each department had its own site. They are now rebuilding. They have a big focus on cleaning up and consolidating. They want to commit to one server language (PHP) and one framework. As much as possible, they are trying to reduce the number of tools they are using.

Among other things, they want to pick just one Javascript library, and then stick with it for all Javascript development. I tried to sell them on jQuery, as it is what I use. However, each of the programmers has a favorite.

One concern to the managers is which Javascript library has a large following - which will be familiar to future programmers they may hire? So I'm looking for some reliable estimates regarding how widespread each of the libraries are. Which is the most popular? The second most popular? The third most popular?

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Artur Kim answers:

According to recent surveys and search results, jQuery is the most popular.

jQuery: 40%-55%
Prototype: 10%-15%
YUI, MooTools, Dojo: <10% each

The most recent poll that I have found is from Polldaddy ([[LINK href=""]]What JavaScript library do you use?[[/LINK]])

jQuery: 72%
MooTools: 12%
Prototype: 6%
Yahoo! YUI: 3%
Dojo: 2%


erez213 answers:

i think the most popular is Jquery and then Mootools and Prototype but each developer have his favorite framework and i think almost everybody using jquery