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go to top of div, but do not reposition div at top of page. JavaScript


<button onclick = "topOfDiv();"> click me </button>

<div id = "skyfall" style = "height:10rem; overflow-x: scroll">

<input id = "P1"> <br />
<input id = "P2"> <br />
<input id = "P3"> <br />
<input id = "P1000">


I want javascript or jquery function to go to id "P1". That is, I want <div id = "skyfall"> which is only 10rem in height to reposition itself at its beginning.
And of course, <a href = "#skyfall"> or <a href = "#P1"> do not work because that would load the page with the element at the top. And there is stuff at the page top which must remain intact.

function topOfDiv() {

Answers (1)


Rainner Lins answers:

If I understand correctly, you want the div #skyfall to scroll back to it's top position when a button is clicked without scrolling the main page? You can do that by using the scrollTop property of the div. Give the button an ID also, like #btn and try something like this:

<button id="btn"> click me </button>
<div id="skyfall">...</div >

const btn = document.querySelector( '#btn' );
const div = document.querySelector( '#skyfall' );

btn.addEventListener( 'click', e => {
div.scrollTop = 0;

Here's the code running on JSfiddle:

User180435 comments:

It works but there is a problem. I have 8 sort buttons which must reposition the div. This needs to be done in a function(). Can you please change it to a function so the user sees the first line after a sort and display?

Rainner Lins comments:

Yeah sure, something like this?

function topOfDiv() {
const div = document.querySelector( '#skyfall' );
div.scrollTop = 0;

User180435 comments:

Got it! Thanks!