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Solved JavaScript Questions

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I have a directory at that need to zip archive. $20 2019-08-21
can't parse External tab-delimited file with $.get $20 2019-08-16
form submit to be called as a function $20 2019-08-13
count each player's number of games played within the date range. $30 2019-08-03
maintain localstorage appending a few names each week. $20 2019-08-01
populate an <ul> with <li> items instead <div><input> $25 2019-07-29
plain js version of this php file $20 2019-07-14
scrolling (and repeating) div with an auto-pause of 5 seconds per screen with 16 items $25 2019-05-26
javascript PDO to populate a mariadb database table with these variable values. $25 2019-05-14
<select> with <option> to load js functions. Vanilla js preferred. $20 2019-04-04
add alert based on json lookup $25 2019-03-30
use js fetch and .then to import this external json file into variable $25 2019-03-08
make the menu use dropdowns in flexbox. $25 2019-02-01
set css height to a div, using all available screen space left over $20 2019-01-13
enter data in form "#playerInfo" and push members with those form values. $20 2019-01-07
I want to use a form, enter data and push input fields to json object $25 2019-01-06
color code the <div>'s based on rating, without a lot of errors. $20 2018-12-12
go to top of div, but do not reposition div at top of page. $20 2018-12-05
Process json file, remove key / value pairs and Capitalize names $20 2018-12-04
I want to change all <input> with a name = "Player_Name" to (css) "background:blue;" $5 2018-11-19
use php to change javascript data file item $25 2018-11-17
Parse <input type = "checkbox" id = "CX"> to array, sort and re-display results $25 2018-11-16
Which Javascript libraries have what market share? $5 2016-07-17
How can I make this script refresh with ajax? $20 2015-02-27
Touch event trigger for Lazy Load and Masonry (jQuery) $25 2013-06-16